2020 | A Golf Odyssey

It is the year 2020 and the snow is starting to melt. Our group made plans to head south to warm up our golf swings.

When we arrived at the golf course we were excited to find that it had been newly renovated and the 36 hole layout included new technology for today’s players. We updated our golf app on our cell phones, synced data from my home simulator, along with our personal stats, and headed to the driving range. Once there, we were also able to sync our clubs with the golf course.

We made plans to play the following day. We checked in at the Pro Shop bright and early, warmed up our swings and logged into the course which enabled us to select the proper clubs and determine which tees to play from. We hit our first drives in the direction given to us by the app and continued onto the second shot where the app advised club selections which gave us the best approach location near the pin.  Upon reaching the green the app displayed the breaks on the green and we commenced to putt. So went the rest of the day.

Keeping Golf On Course

That evening at dinner, we discussed the benefits of playing with all the info much like the tour players have when they play different courses. It made for a great day on an unfamiliar course with lower scores and faster play.

The following day we played the second 18 holes at the golf resort with the same great results. We were having a great golf experience!

At the end of the day we started making plans for a new challenge. We had a brochure illustrating a new golf complex, named The Golf Park. We checked out their web site and it appeared to be a very unique experience, something we couldn’t miss.

We had our choice of one of the 6 nine hole golf courses starting at 9am in the morning, and since we had time before heading back home, we booked the opening on their convenient app.  When we signed up and paid, the app told us where to park, in lot 3 next to the 1st tee.  No need to check in and we could warm up right there on their synthetic turf and hit into a net. The layout was a triangle, made of 3 long holes. There were 3 greens on each hole, a par 3, a par 4 and a par 5. We were told to log on to 3greengolfhole.com to look over the method of play.

We played in a way we never had dreamed of, a par 12 golf hole! What a surprise. It was fun and play was completed in 1 1/2 hours. Not having had enough, we checked to see if there was another nine open and were directed to parking lot 6. This particular nine hole was rated a 6 which was the most difficult level, the previous play was on a course rated 3. We were thrilled with the challenge and finished our vacation on a high note.

As we headed home we reflected on our new experience at The Golf Park. We had played 18 holes of golf in 3 hours! The course used half the land of a traditional course and walking and carrying bags was a breeze. In digging deeper into The Golf Park web site we could see the clubhouse located in the center of the complex, with access to all the courses and parking lots. This provided a huge convenience for patrons to enjoy the lounge and restaurants, and to visit the golf shop for merchandise, directly from any of the courses, at any time. The driving range at The Golf Park was fitted with synthetic turf and natural grass, and used for practice and teaching. There were also simulators to use, and there were two 3-green golf holes, one out and one back used for playing lessons. When not in use these holes provide the perfect place for kids and beginners to learn to play and become the golfers of the future.

Our group has been playing with 9 clubs for the last few years and we are finding our games and scores have improved. We have been fitted with a special set of clubs for our new game, 9-with-9. We have more than 9 clubs in our set, but chose only the nine clubs that we feel will best allow us to play any given course, depending on course layouts and conditions at the time of play. On our trip ,we did take a golf cart on the traditional Resort course, too long to walk and playing time as always was a factor.  But, back home and at The Golf Park we were able to walk with ease.

It was clear to us, real time information and data along with new technology built into the courses, was the key to capturing new players, and keeping them in the game of golf.

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